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about lolly

Based in Bucks County, PA, Lolly has been performing music for children since 2000. She started off with musical story times at local bookshops, schools & record shops. In 2011 Lolly & her friend, Yvonne, started 'Lolly & YoYo', a group that combines interactive original music with play-based kids fitness. The duo released two albums, Go! Go! Go! and An Adventurous Day. They also released a book, Move! through Workman Publishing.


Lolly's latest album, Nice Things, is a return to the gentler story based themes of the children's albums, books & films she loved as a kid. 

As the world around us proves to be increasingly complicated, Lolly is dedicated to providing social and emotional connections with her audience through her live shows her recorded music, and through her YouTube videos and live streams. Her performances always have an interactive element. Kids love to move, dance, play, and be heard. And Lolly is here for that. Let's allow our kids to be KIDS. And let's love them just how they are.

Lolly has performed at venues around the country. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been conducting regular virtual interactive story times as a way to stay connected to kids. Parents have praised the sessions, saying things like 'for an hour, it felt like things were normal again'.


She is working on writing new music at the moment. She's always inspired by her daughter, Rowan (aka Rosie Posie) who has been a part of Lolly's music since she was 2 years old. Stay tuned for more music soon. And follow her daily videos on her YouTube channel

Cheerio, dearios!

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